Grace Cavanaugh

Eternal Light Foundation


Eternal Light Foundation is brought forth to serve in the awakening of the highest Light and Love. There IS a New Light upon our Earth and upon our consciousness.... it is growing~ it is Eternal.

YOU ARE that Light and YOU are here for a reason!  At this time of rapid transformation and the quickening of time and manifestation there is an ever expanding consciousness. It is the Light and Love that is actually shifting our minds, hearts, souls and planet.  We are One.  All IS One.  Eternal Light Foundation is here in the service of this for each and every individual who feels this call in any capacity. 

You are invited in... to discover the Light Messages and more with Grace Cavanaugh, consciousness conduit, divine channel, Certified Hypnotherapist, transformational leader and spiritual teacher and mentor. Along with the many Ascended Masters and non-physical Beings of Light that are here for humanity you can access self mastery through your own journey and expansion.

Discover guidance through channeled information, Angel support, healing energy, past life information, opening to your own intuition and so much more.  Allow your Mission to expand, awaken and transform to make this the Best Life Ever!


Upcoming Event:


   Group Channeling Event:

  Sunday October 23  7:00 - 9pm


This particular Group Channeling will be very potent and specific with intention via Grace and Osairah with clearings and openings as we step into powerful new cycles.  It is called for and finally it is here!

PLEASE JOIN US!  All are welcome. Grace is currently still holding a wonderful public Group Channeling.  This has been happening every month for over 3 years at this location and we would LOVE for YOU to join us! 

If you have received an invitation or are interested in attending this powerful group channeling experience please reserve your seat asap as there are only so many seats.

Join us by clicking the button below. This event fills to capacity fast, register today! 

We will be at the sacred Be The Change Energy Center in Woodland Hills CA

Free parking in the back parking lot

Group Channeling transmissions are an amazing experience and have been benefiting people on a monthly basis with practical assistance, transformation and insights. Questions are answered on a group level and the energy and vibration of these benevolent Beings of Light is literally felt, a blessing for all to felt and experience.  A most wonderful and sacred time always ensues!

Thank you and see you there!

"As Grace walked into the room for a group channeling, she immediately lit up the room with her bright, sunny, loving personality and proceeded to bring through Osairah, Mother Mary, and St.Germaine who all gave us profoundly loving messages and wonderful guidance.   After the channeling, as Grace answered questions from the attendees, I saw glimpses of a bright, beautiful, golden aura emanating from her.   I have never seen an aura prior to this, so I was quite elated.   After speaking with a few other attendees, each confirmed having felt a strong, undeniable, healing energy straight to their heart during the channeling, as I did.  Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Grace. :)   ~Anthony Woodland Hills"  

"My husband and I had been struggling to communicate and empathize with one another, it has been an ongoing struggle of ours for years.  We both had a session with Grace, and after we shared these sessions with each other, it was if we were finally able to 'see' each other again; we reunited in our essence.  I finally feel that we are operating in a frequency that is a deep spiritual love and appreciation for each others' being; patterns were explained at a spiritual level, and tangible ways to break free from these unhealthy patterns were suggested.  Energy was shifted. Truly there is no traditional therapy that could have given us this gift.  The session with Grace and Osairah has literally shifted everything in my life. I walked around in pure bliss for weeks after my session with her, and I'm pretty sure now that this is just a new normal! Thank you!"

-- Kelly Simon, PhD Los Angeles